Learn the 5 shifts male entrepreneurs and businessmen with children must make to fulfill their purpose and unleash their genius rather than ‘chasing a buck’ and leaving $10,000s behind every month.
Note from Dallas Hardcastle
For some of us, it's not an option to follow a path simply because it makes us money.  We are the ones that are required to be on fire. We must have fulfillment, freedom and fun built into our business and our lives.
‘Being on fire’ can be difficult to define and even more challenging to achieve.  
You must be willing to refuse tolerating anything else.
This presents as painful unrest, or angry outbursts that to others, seems unjustified.
Stopping in the middle of the day and sobbing...
Because inside you, the 'success' isn't filling you up.
It’s been building inside for months…possibly years.
The frustration, the anger, the tolerance…the settling to ‘keep the peace’ so that you better ‘fit in’ around your home and friends.
That desire to not completely 'weird out' those nearest to you.
After all, what you want to accomplish in this life...
Is just down-right crazy...to most.
One day, the pain may become too much, though.  
Settling in your current condition becomes too much to bare.
Often we confuse 'success' with FIRE...
They are not REMOTELY the same.
Perhaps the day is today, when you decide you'll no longer tolerate anything but FIRE.
Life, love and legacies are built with fire.  
Otherwise, we’re a footnote in the chapter of ‘Good Enough’. 
How are you creating a business of fulfillment, freedom and fun?  
Not success...or even greatness...
But the one built on that explosively amazing version of you.
Are you ready to learn these sacred steps to become FIRE today?
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